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Advocating for the Hospice Egypt project services through different media portals has been instigated by JOSAAB Foundation.
Some articles about JOSAAB foundation and the Hospice Egypt project were published in ehospice, an international online news portal sharing hospice and palliative care news, developments and good practice from around the world.

Community Leaders: a New Gear in the Hospice Engine in Egypt

Recruiting some of these key individuals became necessary. However, the right candidates had to be selected according to several criteria such as trustworthiness, experience in field work and familiarity with NGO work, location, good community ties and recommendation from a reputable person...

Egypt’s JOSAAB Caregivers... Spreading Comfort and Infinite Hope.

Josaab Foundation targets a very specific group of patients that are not only burdened with pain, poverty, loneliness and a lack of psychological support but also may be in denial, desperation, fearful and awaiting death.
Josaab multidisciplinary mobile hospice team is diverse and integrates many professions all with the mission to preserve the quality of life and dignity of terminally ill patients in Egypt...

An Outstanding JOSAAB Nurse.

Reham not only offered nursing services, but she also offered immense amounts of social support to patients and their families. Her empathy stems from her own struggle with illness, she had suffered earlier from palpitations, chest pains and recurrent transient syncope attacks...

A Sincere, Dedicated Hospice Volunteer.

Janet is Josaab’s most experienced volunteer. She has implemented 143 field visits to date, even though she was only assigned 131, providing care for more than 20 patients and their family members...

JOSAAB Foundation and World Hospice and Palliative Care Day in Egypt.

The Foundation networked with Cairo Runners for a run/walk event that had over 2000 attendees. Participants and supporters filled in more than 100 forms indicating their interest in becoming a Josaab volunteer.
The staff conducted a presentation over a public announcement system about the work of the Josaab Foundation and the importance of hospice and palliative care...