Hospice Egypt


Working in hospice care is very challenging and a lot of the time when patients share their thoughts with the Hospice Egypt team; this motives the team to continue providing this very special care. These thoughts and insights are also key indicators that the Hospice Egypt team is meeting the needs of the patients and providing tailored optimal care to their families.

"I feel that I'm being given the chance to see the world through the wheel chair."

Sometimes the patients are not able to walk on their own and depend on others. The Hospice Egypt team...

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"There is something lovely about your team; you bestow a certain light when you come."

The Hospice Egypt team ensures providing sufficient social support whether through being physically there...

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"I keep counting the days and looking forward to your visit."

Every visit meant a great deal to the patient! For the little time she had left, the Hospice Egypt team...

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"I had all my memories placed in a sealed box, but when you visit I open that box and remember all my beautiful memories."

The Hospice Egypt team spends quality time with the patient and gets to know them. Sharing precious memories...

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"No one listens to me like you do"

During the visits, the patient enjoyed talking about what he finds valuable in life and how he finds pleasure in the...

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"You brought flavor back into my life, even though I have been retired for years."

The Hospice Egypt team always thinks of different ways patients can enjoy time outside their home, and feel useful...

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