Hospice Egypt

Global Hospice Partners

JOSAAB Foundation gained its extensive knowledge and know-how from its collaboration with the Bayerischer Hospiz-und Palliativverband and Deutscher Hospi-und PalliativVerbane.v.-DHPV.

These two associations are the most dominant hospice organizations in Germany.They are supporting the Hospice Egypt project and provide annual training workshops to the hospice team.

International Membership In December 2017, the foundation was recognized as national foundation member of the Worldwide Hospice and Palliative Care Alliance

The World Health Organization (WHO) Egypt Office praised the pioneering role of Hospice Egypt project in serving patients in the late stages of their illness. Prof. Dr. Naima Al-Quseir, representative of the World Health Organization- Egypt office; at the celebration of World Hospice Day 2021, gave a speech about the role of Hospice Egypt in providing various free of charge Hospice services to patients in the late stages of the disease, whose number in Egypt annually exceeds In her speech, Dr. Al-Quseir explained the importance of cooperation between civil society and local institutions to alleviate the suffering of these patients and the urge need to provide pain relief medicines for them.