Hospice Egypt

Referral Bodies

The Hospice Egypt project's main goal is to reach out to more terminally-ill patients in need of support and therefore collaborating with many governmental hospitals, university hospitals, private medical centers and organizations.
These hospitals and organizations refer the terminally-ill patients to the Hospice Egypt team when they are in need of hospice services.


  • Baheya Foundation
  • Golabl Cancer Care

University Hospitals

  • El-Hussein University Hospital
  • Ain Shams University Hospitals
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Kaser El Ainy Hospital

Ministry Of Health Hospitals

  • Dar Al Salam Oncology Center-Hermal
  • Al Salam Oncology Center
  • Health Insurance Hospitals

Some networks may include other organizations providing different services to the terminally-ill cases such as: Continuing the social, educational and financial support offered to the family members of the deceased patient.