Hospice Egypt

Hospice Egypt relies on caring, compassionate services of a large group of trained and dedicated volunteers. These volunteers often develop a special relationship with the patient and their family. As a Hospice Egypt volunteer, you are equal in importance to the other team members in providing care. You can volunteer with your time, ideas, knowledge or effort.

Hospice Egypt volunteers receive training to prepare them for the volunteer activity of their choice. Training is mandatory for anyone who wants to be involved in patient and family care. No task is too big or too small for a hospice volunteer, but often the most important thing you can do is to merely accompany the patient and reassure them that they are not alone, by sharing a smile or just listening to their concerns. You may be the only window that the patient communicates through with others.

Volunteers Have an Essential Role in Hospice Care

  • Accompanying the terminally ill patients.
  • Helping to analyze the case situation and finding out their needs.
  • Offering home visits with other hospice members to the patients of different social classes in different geographical areas.
  • Helping patients fulfill their hopes and dreams before they die.
  • Listen as well as provide moral support and empathy to the patient and their family.
  • Fill roles that cannot be filled by other team members.
  • Share the patients' interests and hobbies like drawing, painting and playing music.
  • Write reports after visits for patient charts.
  • Attend hospice meetings and educational events.
  • Transporting patients to and from the hospital with their car.
  • Preparing hot meals for patients.
  • Paying some of the debts accumulated on the family.
  • Help in allocating micro-finance projects for a family member.
  • Networking with organizations to support families.
  • Helping in providing job opportunities for the son/daughter.
  • Sponsoring children education for some time.

What Volunteers Are Saying About Hospice Egypt

See What the Volunteers are Saying about Hospice Egypt

Salma Serag El Din
"Thank you Hospice Egypt for giving me this great opportunity to learn about other aspects to life and to humanity."

Samir Botros
"The Hospice Egypt project is the first place for terminally-ill patients in Egypt and is conforming to international standards."

Mina Wagih
"I feel happy during my visits to the patients, even more when I make their children happy and see joy in their eyes."

Sahar Dawood
"The sentiment that you give to others, has a profound positive effect on you even before it reflects back to the person you are giving the sentiment to."

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I volunteer?

You can volunteer with the Hospice Egypt team through filling out a volunteer application form and one of the Hospice Egypt team will contact you to set up a suitable time to meet and discuss how you can volunteer with us.

How much time do I need to put in as a volunteer?

We recognize that your time is a valuable gift. How much time you want to give and how often are up to you. The only thing we ask is that you always follow through when you’ve agreed to do something. If you are interested in volunteering through field visits, it will be coordinated to match a time both suitable for you and the patient you will be visiting.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteers usually feel a sense of satisfaction as they feel the value of themselves, discover their many talents and feel grateful.

Is there any other way I can volunteer other than visiting patients?

Of course, there are many other roles you can undertake as a volunteer other than visiting patients such as cooking food and sending it to the patients, designing posts for the social media platforms to help disseminate the hospice idea and translating some of the articles which have been written about the activities of the Hospice Egypt project.

The Hospice Egypt team are experts at finding the right role for you according to your hobbies, skills and interests.

Become A Volunteer

If you would like to register and are interested in volunteering with the Hospice Egypt team, kindly fill out the volunteer registration form. In filling out the volunteer form; you are giving your consent to process your information with the Hospice Egypt project and to contact you. The Hospice Egypt project will not share your details with any organization.