Hospice Egypt

Scientific Partners

There is collaboration between Hospice Egypt and the National Cancer Institute. The institute refers cases diagnosed as being terminally ill to Hospice Egypt so they would start receiving services.

Professor Doctor Ahmed Helmy, the head of the pain management unit, also supports the foundation by providing pain management specialists to manage the pain. That is an "essential component of the medical support" and is one of the types of care provided to patients with terminal illnesses.

Professor Dr. Yehia Al-Rakhawi, who contributed to increasing Hospice Egypt team’s awareness on how to efficiently and effectively provide psychological support to terminally-ill patients and their families as it is not possible to separate the patients’ physical and psychological pain when they lose hope in healing.

Dr. Al-Rakhawi emphasized in his speech on the importance of the role of Hospice services to provide proper care to the patients and their families and maintain their dignity until the last day of their lives.