Hospice Egypt


Patients' wishes in their last days and a site visit to meet Dr. Wassim El-Sisi

Patient (R) is a woman in the sixth decade of her life who is a lover of the ancient Egyptian civilization and has spent her life moving between various cities of Upper Egypt where she worked as a tourist guide. She was diagnosed with cancer that kept her from going to work, so she moved to live alone in her house in downtown Cairo to receive treatment, hoping to recover and return to her beloved work, but the disease progressed until it reached its final stages.

Hospice Egypt’s team visited the patient, and customized a plan to meet her needs, by providing her with medical, nursing, psychological and social support through regular home visits,And because the patient is fond of the ancient Egyptian civilization, she would often be found sharing her knowledge about the gods, the customs and traditions of ancient Egypt with the team. She mentioned that her greatest wish was to meet the Egyptian scientist Dr. Wassim El-Sisi.

Hospice Egypt’s team took the cue and contacted him to explain the patient’s condition and her desire to spend some time with her idol. He agreed to arrange a meeting with her and invited her and the team to his home.On that day, the team accompanied the patient and surprised her by meeting the great scientist and his family that all welcomed her and an interesting dialogue took place between them, in which she expressed her gratitude for meeting him. Hospice Egypt’s team took many pictures for her to have a memory of this wonderful evening.