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Hospice Egypt Helps Patients Keep Their Promises

She, like any other mother, first and foremost has her children on her mind. She continuously thinks about how she can bring joy to their hearts and can guide them throughout their lives. Her youngest son, in the third grade, enjoyed spending time on the computer that his cousin shared with him. Like other children his age, he wished to have his very first own computer.
His mother promised him that if he does well in school she will reward him with his wish, but her health condition kept deteriorating and her financial resources grew slim, making her unable to keep her promise. The Hospice Egypt team decided to help the patient keep her promise so through donations, the computer was made available for the son. The team even found age appropriate games that can develop his sense of curiosity. At the end of the day, the mother was able to keep her promise, her son was overjoyed and their relationship grew stronger.