Hospice Egypt

Hospice Egypt Team

Hospice Egypt services are provided by an ambitious team who aim at caring for the terminally-ill patients through fulfilling their psychological, social and financial needs. They also aim at helping the patients' families by providing counseling and social support.

Meet some of Hospice Egypt team members:
  • Dr. Tandiar Samir

    Dr. Tandiar Samir

    General Manager

    People think when I visit terminal patients, I must be weighed down with their burdens. The truth is when I am with them, the burdens of the world seem lighter.

  • Rania Hussin

    Dr. Rania Hussein

    Team Leader

    Hospice is the crutch that supports a patient with a terminal illness. Hospice is a link between the patient and their needs in their last days.

  • Nader Fawzy

    Dr. Nader Fawzy

    Team Leader

    I feel overwhelmed with happiness when I visit a patient and I feel that the visit made a difference for him/her, during the most difficult days in his/her life.

  • Romany Botros

    Romany Botros

    Field Supervisor

    Being with Hospice Egypt makes me better understand the value of life.

  • Ms. Mira Milad

    Ms. Mira Milad

    Field Supervisor

    Hospice Egypt work is challenging, but it is about helping others.Life wouldn't be worthwhile if you only lived for yourself.

  • Fady Magdy

    Mr. Fady Magdy

    Field Supervisor

    With the Hospice Egypt team I experienced that no matter how tired I get accompanying a patient, at the end of the visit I feel content.

  • Ereny Samouel

    Ms. Ireny Samouel

    Senior Field Coordinator

    My role with the Hospice Egypt team had me understand that what means most to the patient is not only the services that are offered, but my presence with them in their last moments.

  • Mario Milad

    Mr. Mario Milad

    Senior Field Coordinator

    Through working in the Hospice Egypt project and visiting patients, I started appreciating everything in my life.

  • Amany Morgan

    Amany Morgan

    Field Coordinator

    Hospice is the most admirable and noble service ever provided to a person because it is challenging to do something for someone in their last days when they have no hope or desire for anything.

  • Tarek Marzok

    Tarek Marzok

    Field Coordinator

    To me, hospice is the last thread that the patient holds onto to spend their last remaining days in peace.

  • Rehab Hegazy

    Rehab Hegazy

    Field Coordinator

    Sometimes we need things that make us feel that we are carrying out the message of GOD that He created us for. Hospice Egypt is the one who shows me this message.

  • Nadine Nader

    Nadine Nader

    Field Coordinator

    I find my passion in my work with Hospice Egypt, which is to make people happy when I meet their needs.

  • Mohamed Adel

    Mohamed Adel

    Field Coordinator

    Working in Hospice Egypt and serving patients helped me communicate with myself in a more mature way

  • Engy Ahmed

    Engy Ahmed

    Field Coordinator

    The thing that makes me most happy in my work at Hospice Egypt; is when I help a terminally ill patient until the last moment of his life's journey