October 03, 2017 October 03, 2017

Celebrating World Hospice Day at El Sawy Culture Wheel

For the third year, Hospice Egypt celebrates the world hospice day among over 70 countries worldwide. This year, the event was held at El Sawy Culture Wheel on the 3rd of October 2017 and was titled “Strength and Resilience.” We announced the event on our social media page, there was an application form to fill out and during the marketing process our team targeted attendees who are interested in attending events related to social development, health and new concepts. The event included an explanation of what Hospice Egypt project is and the free of charge services provided to the terminally-ill patients. The long documentary film and short animation film were presented at the beginning followed by a presentation by the General Manager of the foundation. An educational session was moreover held by a psychiatrist, who opened a dialogue with the attendees about the psychological challenges of the terminally-ill patients and the accompanying stress of the caregivers. Another session was held by a life coach and included topics about living your purpose and the hope of leaving a legacy behind. A guest speaker, the famous poet Hesham El Gakh gave a poem about our services followed by a young violinist playing a classical piece to entertain the audience.. The day concluded with a participatory workshop discussing the different ways the community can support Hospice Egypt and sharing of real stories about different patients and how Hospice Egypt supported them.