Hospice Egypt


Patients' wishes in their last days

Patient (N) is at the end stage of her cancer disease and suffers from hearing loss as a result of chemotherapy, which made her unable to communicate with the people around her and those in charge of her service care. Her utmost wish was a medical hearing device through which she can listen to her favorite programs and Umm Kulthum's songs on the radio.

Hospice Egypt arranged with Amplifon, the leading company in the field of hearing aids in Egypt and the Middle East and the supporting partner of Hospice Egypt’s mission, for an audiology consultant to visit the patient at her home and a technical engineer to install the hearing aid device.

Ms (N) expressed her great joy that she was able to hear her songs and take in her surroundings through her new headphones. Hospice Egypt’s mission is to preserve the patient's dignity and quality of life till their last minute.