Hospice Egypt Focuses on Fulfilling Patient Wishes

She was socially active and was involved in caring for differently-abled children back when she worked. Now she is retired and feels that she has lost her purpose and her willingness to enjoy her life. Her entire life routine became dominated by hospital visits and conversations with her treating doctor.
She wished she would be able to enjoy a day by the sea and longed to have a walk along the beach. The Hospice Egypt team wanted to make her wish come true, and decided to take her to Ismailia beach. The Hospice Egypt team chose a location that is not too far away from her home, as she complained of back pain and long journeys increased her aches.
No one can imagine the patient’s happiness or could suspect that she was such a confident swimmer! She walked on the sand with her granddaughter in hand and they played together joyfully. It was a day-long trip with a nice sea food lunch and even our team found it utterly beautiful and different.