Hospice Egypt


Hospice Egypt Is Involved in Day to Day Activities

Every day, she managed to go through the manifestation of her illness with patience and gratitude at heart. Sometimes she faced some struggles due to her illiteracy, like her inability to buy her own, medication or know which paperwork or prescription to hand in at the hospital or pharmacy.
She has a bag filled with medical reports and x-rays. When she needs to buy medicine, she can’t even present the right prescription, so she hands over the whole bag and asks the person in charge to find the right one. It takes her a long time to do it and delays other patients waiting in the line.
The Hospice Egypt team and volunteers helped her to organize her medical file in chronological order and classified it into categories; each in a different color so that each report or prescription would be easily found without confusion. Simple things like these can make a huge difference in a patient’s life.