February 19, 2021 February 19, 2021

A training course for volunteers in Hospice Egypt

In view of the importance and value of the role that volunteers play, the Hospice Egypt team is keen to hold training courses to develop the skills related to dealing with patients in their last days. That is why the Hospice Egypt team organized a training day for volunteers in February 2021, which included a variety of sessions, including a lecture given by a psychiatric consultant, Dr. Ahmed Hussein, in which he talked about the episodes of anger that the patient experiences in his last days and how to deal with them.
Dr. Mai Rakhawy, a member of the Psychological Committee in Canada, gave a lecture on the psychological pain caused for the children of the families of these patients and the best way to contain them. The day also included a workshop in which the Hospice Egypt team presented examples of patients' cases and discussed the volunteers’ proposals regarding the types of services that can be provided to these patients and their families in order to preserve the dignity of the patient in his last days.