October 20, 2020 October 20, 2020

world hospice day 2020

Under the slogan "My Care, My Comfort”, Hospice Egypt organized its annual celebration of the World Hospice Day online on October 20, 2020 The ceremony included many paragraphs, including the participation of Professor of Psychiatry, Prof. Dr. Yahya Rakhawi, who discussed in his speech the concept of pain and how it is an integral part of a person’s life and that the psychological state of the patient and his family in his last days must be respected and treated with understanding, especially since it is not possible to differentiate between organic pain and the psychological condition of the patient when losing hope for recovery. In his speech during the Hospice Egypt ceremony, Al-Rakhawi added that the importance of Hospice services is the most essential when family members feel unable to provide assistance to the patient, pointing out that it includes medical, nursing and psychological care services to take care of the patient and his family to preserve the patient’s dignity in his last days. Furthermore, the film director, Mr. Ali Badrakhan, reviewed his personal experience with his mother, who was suffering in her last days, and the difficulty of psychological and emotional pressure that her family endured. Badrakhan praised Hospice Egypt’s message and its efforts to relieve the pain of patients in their last days. The wife of one of the beneficiaries (Mrs. Samah) expressed her gratitude to the Hospice Egypt team with a vivid testimony in which she told the story of her husband's illness and the role of Hospice Egypt in reducing the psychological and physical burdens of the patient and his family. Marimba player Nesma Abdel Aziz, and the actors Amr Wahba, Islam Ibrahim, and Gilan Alaa, also participated in the event with a recorded message for Hospice Egypt.