November 02, 2017 November 02, 2017

Terminally-ill Patients Attending the Puppet Theater for Om Kalthoum at El Sawy Culture Wheel

Through our regular visits, the Hospice Egypt team noticed that some patients towards their end of life spend most of their time at home and don't go outdoors much. The team decided to uplift the patients’ spirit and take them out to attend a puppet show. The puppet show is the reincarnation of the famous Om Kalthoum during her regular Thursday shows. The day was organized and held at El Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamalek, who sponsored the ticket cost. The patients were beyond ecstatic and pleased with the atmosphere that was filled with reminiscing and singing along to the music of the renowned "Star of the East". El Sawy Culture Wheel kept the invitation to attend this show open every month, so the day was repeated on the 7th December of 2017 with a different group of terminally ill patients and their families.