October 21, 2022 October 21, 2022

Hospice Egypt Celebration of the World Hospice Day On 21st of October 2022

Under the theme of “Healing Hearts and Communities” Hospice Egypt celebrated the World Hospice Day with more than 150 attendees including hospice Egypt volunteers in Heliopolis Public Library. The agenda of the day started with a speech given by Professor DR Nabil Helmy the CEO of Heliopolis Public Library explaining the importance of collaboration between different NGOs in disseminating the Hospice Egypt concept and services in the Egyptian community. The Egyptian famous writer and public figure Mr Hamdy Rezk discussed the role of the media in raising the awareness of the community regarding who are the terminally ill patients and their right for care and dignity till the end of life and how to mobilized volunteers to share in Hospice Egypt work. Testimonials was also given to participants from patients families and volunteers, and the day was ended with the spectacular famous singer Hla Roushdy. The event was covered by media and broadcasted through different social medial channels and e-newspapers websites. Knowing that, Hospice Egypt is a Josaab foundation project serving the adult terminally ill patients and their family members by providing them with free of charge hospice services. Terminally ill patients are patients who no longer receive curative treatment and are receiving palliative care. It also provides support to the family members of the patient even after the patient’s death. Hospice Egypt currently provides hospice services in 4 governorates which are Cairo, Giza, Qaluobiya and Sharkia through a multidisciplinary team. Hospice Egypt mission is proving care and preserving the dignity of adult terminally –ill patients and their families through hospice services. This includes medical, nursing, social, psychological, financial and bereavement support offered by a trained multi-disciplinary team. The evnt was uploaded on the website of WHPCA as follows: https://www.thewhpca.org/resources/global-atlas-on-end-of-life-care