January 09, 2014 January 10, 2014

Hospice Egypt Team Attended the 6th Breast and Gynecological International Cancer Conference

The Hospice Egypt team attended the Breast Gynecological International Cancer Conference (BGICC) on the 9th and 10th of January 2014, held at the Fairmont Towers Hotels - Cairo, Egypt. The Hospice Egypt team conducted a presentation within the palliative care session that viewed the mobile hospice as one of the premier providers of such service in Egypt. The session included both the Egyptian and the Lebanese experiences in the hospice the palliative care field. Through such a partake, the Hospice Egypt project aspires to regionally as well as locally disseminate the idea of the hospice care as well as, empower and support other hospice care professionals and organizations to continue in their endeavors in improving the quality of life of terminally-ill patients. The Hospice Egypt project; furthermore, aimed in building collaborations with relevant stakeholders to further expand the scope and knowledge of its work.