Hospice Egypt

الشركاء المساعدين

For more than 60 years, Minapharm’s vision is to transform medicine to face the most complex challenges of unmet medical needs; and to provide advanced innovative products at affordable prices that commensurate with the economic capacity of the individual in our society. Aspiring to address the most difficult and consuming challenges, Minapharm decided to reinforce and direct its social responsibility to support Hospice Egypt, a Josaab foundation project, which offers a free-of-charge hospice services to alleviate the sufferings of the more marginalized segment of the society: the terminally ill patients and their families. Terminally-ill patients are defined as those patients suffering from severe illness which has advanced beyond the limits of existing therapeutic options. Minapharm’s support to Hospice Egypt entails the cost of the wide range of hospice services that include:

  • Medical support through specialized medical doctors, pain management doctors and medical equipment.
  • Nursing support through well-trained nursing staff.
  • Psychological support provided by psychologists and psychiatrists to the patient and his family
  • Social support to the patients and their families. After death support to the patient’s family

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